'Countryside Matters!'
'Farming Matters!'


The Countryside Matters!

The countryside is important to all, whether for work or recreation........
Countryside Matters!
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Farming Matters!

The situation in farming affects us all. If you are concerned about food safety, animal welfare,ecology, availability of organic food or even overseas development, this is for you!
Farming Matters!

What about....?

G.M. crops; Stress on farming families; Poverty in rural areas (yes! even in our beautiful British countryside!); Increasing costs and diminishing returns for everyone connected with the agricultural industry and its suppliers.

Has the church anything to contribute...?

With a branch in nearly every community in Britain there should be one open near you! (We have had Sunday opening for years!).With this kind of network there is help and information available on all manner of subjects. Please ask your local Vicar/Minister or contact the Arthur Rank Centre at Stoneleigh for your local Rural Officer.

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